Meet The Team Matt


This is Matt, our Popstar Party Assistant.

Matt works behind the scenes helping to set up & transform your home/venue into your very own Recording Studio!

Matt also has the important job of putting your recordings onto CD's for everyone to take home.

Favourite Party Song? 

My favourite party song is the 'Cha Cha Slide' by Mr. C to get everyone up and dancing!

Favourite thing about our parties?

It's amazing to see the music video's after production! The green screen is so much fun!


Meet The Team Lauren


This is Lauren, the owner & founder of Party Poppers.

Lauren is a professional Singer, Songwriter & Producer.

As your main Party Host Lauren is in charge of making sure your party runs smoothly from start to finish! Lauren will guide you through the whole experience making sure you have plenty of fun throughout! 

Lauren will be in charge of your:

Vocal warm up & practice - Helping everyone to feel confident, warmed up and ready to sing.

Song Recording - Ensuring your recordings are sounding fantastic before they are put on to your CD's.

Photoshoot - Guiding you through the red carpet photoshoot, helping you choose the best props & Popstar poses!

Music Video Recording - Organising and shooting your music video recording with candid shots of everyone having fun & green screen footage. 

Favourite Party Song? 

My favourite song to record at our parties has to be 'Shake it Off' by Taylor Swift & Of course 'Happy Birthday' I love hearing how each group of children creates their own rendition!

Favourite thing about our parties?

My favourite thing about our Popstar Parties is seeing the excitement and giggles of the children all having fun!

I love watching everyones faces light up as they hear the finished version of their song and how proud the parents are of their future little stars!

Meet The Team Ashleigh


This is Ashleigh, our Popstar Party Assistant.

Ashleigh is fantastic working with all the children, and is loved by all! She provides a helping hand to set up & transform your home/venue into your very own Recording Studio. 


As well as a great assistant ashleigh is also a fab singer herself and loves to help the children with our Vocal Warm Up's & Song practice.

Favourite Party Song? 

I love 'All About That Bass' by Meghan Trainor!

Favourite thing about our parties?

Definitely watching all the creative & funny poses the children come up with for the Red Carpet Photoshoot!